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Emma Josephine "Josie" Stovall Moffett

September 18, 1872 - August 8, 1925

Emma Josephine "Josie" Stovall was  the oldest daughter of George Samuel Stovall and Sally Maddox Pyburn.  She was born September 18, 1872 . She married Clarence Donald "Tack" Moffett on February  5, 1891 in Gansville, Jackson Parish, LA.   She died at the age of 52 in a freak accident. 

Josie and Tack had  the following, 15 children:

Sherwood Pressley Moffett, born January 17, 1892; married Sarah Irene Patrick on December 26, 1926 and died September 22, 1977 in Brooks Co., GA.  Sherwwod & Sarah had one daughter.

George Arthur Moffett, born June 14, 1893; married Audie B. Williams on December 22, 1915 and died March 27, 1938.  George and Audie had one daughter.

Ella Ruth Moffett was born November 25, 1894; married John Wesley Savage on December 25, 1920 and died in June of 1983.  Ella and John had three children.

Carrie Ruby Moffett was born September 5, 1896; married Zack E. Robinson, Sr. on August 30, 1924 and died in childbirth October 30, 1927.   Carrie and Zack had one son.

Sarah Ann "Annie" Moffett was born April 15, 1898; married Mallory Houston Savage on April 23, 1916 and died September 30, 1956.  Annie and Mallory had  two daughters but also raised Carrie's only son Zack, Jr.

William Mose Moffett was born November 15, 1899; married Elizabeth Thompson on May 16, 1939 and died June 22, 1963.

Howard Moffett (Twin) was born September 16, 1901 and died at the age of 17 months on February 18, 1903.

Homer Moffett (Twin) was born September 16, 1901; married  Iva Scott in August of 1929 and died February 5, 1975.

Lois Ottice Moffett was born March 18, 1903; married Carson Ross Crain on Febraury 18, 1920 and died July 19, 1925 of Typhoid fever.  Lois and Carson had two children.

Clarence Jackson Moffett was born June 27, 1905; married Oudia Taylor on June 17, 1952 and died January 12, 1992.

Roberta Lee Moffett was born March 14, 1907; married W. Huey Harvey on February 15, 1942 in Orange, Jefferson Co., TX.

Anna Irene Moffett was born January 20, 1909; married Walter E. Pepper on May 9, 1926 and died August 14, 2005.   Anna and Walter had three children.

Zula Thelma Moffett was born April 14, 1911; married Lois C. Harville on February 21, 1953 and died January 2, 2001.

Edgar James Moffett was born May 23, 1914; married Elsie Miles on August 1, 1937 and died October 9, 1990.  Edgar and Elsie had two children.

Josephine Marie Moffett was born February 22, 1916 and died at the age of 5 months on August 5, 1916.

Tack & Josie Moffett with their 6 oldest children - 1903

Josie's Obituary

From:  August 14, 1925 Winnfield News-American

Mrs. C. B. Moffett Is Burned To Death Friday
Mother of Twelve Children is Victim of Flames

Enveloped in flames which ignited her clothing in some mysterious manner, Mrs. C. B. Moffett, 54 years old, sister of Dr. Stovall and Dennis M. Stovall of Sikes was fatally burned while in the back yard of her home at Western (Weston) Friday afternoon, before those attracted by her cries could extinguish the flames.  Members of the family are stated to be at a loss to know how her clothing caught fire as there was nothing burning in the yard.

The tragedy occurred at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and death followed at midnight.  Mrs. Moffett was well known in the community, being a member of one of the oldest families of that vicinity.  She was the mother of twelve children, and was a member of the Methodist Church to which she was very devoted.

Interment was at the Transport Cemetery, Saturday, Rev. P. M. Caraway, Pastor of the M. E. Church of Winnfield conducting the funeral services.

Mrs. Moffett leaves behind a husband, C. W. Moffett, twelve children and several sisters and brothers and a host of friends to mourn her passing.

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