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Jerry Gilbert Moffett, Sr.

1/15/1906 - 6/21/1981


by Jerry Gilbert Moffett, Jr.



Daddy was the son of Thomas Oliver Moffett and Emma Moffett* who were married May 10, 1891 in Jackson Parish Louisiana. 


Daddy was born in Hodge, Louisiana January 15, 1906 and died at Lake Charles, La on June 21, 1981, at age 75.  He received his High School Diploma from Winnfield High School in May 1926 (at age 20).  His family had severe financial difficulties and this accounted for his late graduation from high school. During high school, he learned to type and was awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in Typewriting by Winnfield High on October 23, 1925. In July, 1925, he completed the one-month Citizen’s Military Training Camp at Fort McClellan, AL . He was recommended for further military training but declined.  


Following graduation from high school, Daddy moved to Shreveport to seek employment. His sister Geneva Williams was already living in Shreveport and she had some connections which landed him a job in the oil refining industry.


During his time in Shreveport (about 17 years), he purchased and further developed a home at 3145 West Laurel Street. He married Frances Chellie Noah on May 27, 1928. They had two children while living in Shreveport: Jerry G. Moffett, Jr. on December 30, 1930 and John Oliver Moffett on March 12, 1932. In addition to working in an oil refinery in Bossier City, Daddy was an avid gardener and provided much food for the family. He did some fishing but spent most of his time working either at his paying job or in gardening.


He joined Arkansas Fuel Oil Company at Bossier City, LA in 1926 transferring to Lake Charles in 1943 for the start-up of the new Cities Service refinery. The Cities Service refinery was part of the World War II supply effort.  Daddy retired from Cities Service on February 1, 1971 with more than 44 years of service. I believe he worked his entire career in operations and most of this was on shift work. He retired as unit supervisor, “A” catalytic cracking unit. 


During the Shreveport years, i.e. until age of 37, Daddy did not appear active in the church. Upon moving to Maplewood, La in late 1943 as part of the mobilization for World War II, he became very active in helping build a new Baptist congregation.


Daddy put a great value on education, as did my mother, and pretty much decided that I would take chemical engineering in college. I would have preferred mechanical engineering since at the time I thought this was what I needed to work on bicycles and cars. My dad made a great selection for me based on his observations of engineers at Cities Service. 


Daddy was a Mason and had been active in Shreveport but this dropped off sharply after our family moved to Sulphur in 1943.


Daddy was a good provider for the family and always set good examples of Christian living.  He died on June 21, 1981 at age 75 and was buried at Transport Cemetery.

The name “Emma Moffett” appears on the marriage license but her full name was Emmily Litichie Moffett. Both Thomas Oliver and Emma signed the marriage application with an X indicating that they had little or no education.

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