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Sherri's Family Website contains Stovall Family Scrapbooks with historical photos, documents  and other artifacts together with 2 Stovall genealogy databases that continue to grow with contributions of information and media items from family members.  Donald E. Bishop's Stovall database is hosted there. 

George Samuel Stovall - CSA Veteran

George Samuel Stovall,  about 1901

George Samuel Stovall was born February 2, 1846 in St Claire County, Alabama.  At the age of 4 he with his family  made the journey with his and other pioneer families to Winn Parish. LA .  George was the oldest son of Benjamin Lucas Stovall and Elizabeth Warren's twelve children.

In February of  1864 after his 18th bithday, he enlisted with Company E of the 28th LA Confederate Regiment at Minden, LA and served until June 14, 1865.  (
Widow's Application for Pension <-- click here to view Sarah's application .)

January 20, 1869 George married Sara "Sally" Maddox Pyburn in Gansville, LA. They were married by Rev.  Waldrop according to Sally's widow's application for pension.  George became a prominant member of the Dodson Area Community.  He and his younger brother, Jeremiah Jackson "Bud" Stovall estblished a Post Office in their immediate Community  "Stovall, LA"  They also established a School where most of the Stovall children attended until the turn of the century.  He served on the Police Jury , ran a mercantile business and was one of the founders of the Bank at Dodson.

He and his wife Sally had the following 13 children:

Andrew Jackson Stovall "Little Jackey" was born November 27, 1869 and died at the age of 3 on  August 10, 1873

Benjamin Lewis Stovall "Little Bennie"  was born  February 20, 1871 and died at the age of 2 on August  9, 1873 one day before his brother, Jackie.

Emma Josephine "Josie" Stovall was born  September 18, 1872; married  Calrence Donald "Tack" Moffett on February 5, 1891 and died August 8, 1925 from burns recieved in an accident at home.   Josie & Tack had 15 children.

Ella Bathsheba Stovall was born August 29, 1874; married first James Robert Williamson on July 23, 1891; married second Eli Eugene Chappell on December 12, 1895; married third about 1906  Richard "Dink" Whitecotton and last; married about 1910 married Louise Henry Godfrey.  Ella was widowed 4 times and died April 28, 1923.   Ella had 11 children.

Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stovall was born May 24, 1877; married William Thomas Walker on July 19, 1896 and died December 23, 1951.   They had 11 children.

William Franklin Stovall was born March 9, 1979; married  Daisie Lee Dear on November 17, 1901 and died December 4, 1939.   He and Daisie had 9 children.

Dennis Mackie Stovall, Sr. was born July 8, 1881; married Louella Teresa Gaar on July 30, 1905 and died March 24, 1958.  Dennis and Louella had 10 children.

Dr. George Edgar Stovall, MD was born June 9, 1883; married  Isabella Elizabeth Richardson on August 23, 1910 and died June 23, 1937.  George and Isabella had 5 children.

Horace Cleveland Stovall was born  September 30, 1885; married  Eva Henrietta  Pflueger on April 28, 1909 and died November 27, 1921.   Horace and Eva had 4 children.

May Laura Stovall was born August 7, 1887; married  Dr. Alvin Edward Douglass, MD on June 30, 1909 and died March 8 1968.  May and Dr. Douglass had 5 children before their divorce about 1940.  May never remarried.

Willie Irene Stovall was born January 20, 1889; married  Ricardo Lafayette Dickerson on January 1, 1910 and died January 3, 1967.  Willie and Ricardo had 4 children.

Eva June Stovall was born January 10, 1891; married  Dr. John Corbia Stewart, DDS on January 1, 1911 and died July 1, 1936 . Eva and Dr. Stewart had 3 children.

Hazel Anna Stovall was born October 8, 1899; married James Russell Southard on March 23, 1943 and died February 17, 1985.  Hazel married late in life and had no children.

George and Sally's children gave them 77 known grandchildren.

Note:  To see pictures of  George & Sally's family <---- Click here



Mr. George S. Stovall, one of the oldest, best known, and most highly esteemed citizens of this parish, passed away at the home of A. J. Gaar in this City late Monday afternoon, aged sixty-four years.

Mr. Stovall had been confined to his home for several weeks with paralysis, and for a time was critically ill, but passed the crisis safely, and for a number of days had been able to look after affairs about his homestead plantation. Early Monday morning he left his home in Stovall to come to Jonesboro to attend a meeting of the Police Jury, making the trip with Dr. Gaar who happened along in his car just as he was preparing to depart in his buggy. Mr. Stovall was jovial and apparently feeling fine, talking freely on different subjects; when about three miles from Jonesboro, he suffered a second stroke of paralysis after which he was brought to the home of Dr. Gaar where he died a few hours later without gaining consciousness. The funeral took place yesterday, and was largely attended, the size and character of the Cortege which accompanied the remains of the deceased veteran to their last resting place, having attested in no small measure the high degree of esteem and veneration in which he was held by his many friends, neighbors, and fellow-citizens generally. Interment was made in Transport Cemetery. He served as Police Juror of Ward Two for many years, and was, at the time of his death a member from the new Sixth Ward, and held various other positions of honor and trust during his long and distinguished career.

Mr. Stovall was a devoted Christian, a model husband, a warm-hearted and true friend, a man and a citizen of whom any community might feel proud. He had an inexhaustible fund of good nature and was always so kind, gentle, and considerate to everybody, that none could be brought in contact with him, and fail to be attracted by the charm of his manners and temperament. He possessed the regard and affection of his intimates, and the esteem and respect of all who knew him, both in the business and social world, and those who knew him best, loved him most.

He is survived by his devoted wife; one brother W. F. Stovall, Sr.; three sisters, Mrs. E. Walker, Mrs. Wm. Walker, and Mrs. Pullen; four sons, W. F. Stovall, Jr., D. M. Stovall, H. C. Stovall, and Dr. G. D. Stovall; seven daughters, Mrs. C. D. Moffet, Mrs. Ella Whitecotton, Mrs. W. F. Walker, Mrs. A. E. Douglas, Mrs. R. L. Dickerson, Mrs. J. C. Stewart, and Miss Hazel Stovall.

No citizen of Jackson Parish stood higher in the esteem of his friends, and the public generally, than did George S. Stovall, and it may be said, in all truth, that no nobler and better men are to be found.


Since in the Providence of an All Wise Creator, there has come sadness into the hearts, not only of the remaining members of the Police Jury, the members of his immediate family, and the citizens of Ward Six, but to the citizenship of the entire Parish of Jackson, through the death of our worthy, and much esteemed Co-member, George S. Stovall.

Therefore, Be it resolved by the undersigned remaining members of this Police Jury, That we accept in meekest humility, this warning of our own impending and inevitable summons to retire from the experience of this life to abandon the stage of human activities, and return to Him who so graciously gave us this life and the great opportunities of rendering service to Him and our fellow creatures and making preparations for this final stern experience.

We feel a deep sense of loss in Uncle George's death. We realize that the work has sustained a great loss. He has spent many years of his life to rendering public service. He manifested the same willingness, and the same sacrificing determination of service in his tender youth by entering the war service when too young, that he manifested in his last resolute, and determined effort to attend this meeting, to render yet further service to his country, when he was too feeble having but recently suffered a severe stroke of Paralysis.

He had reached the period of old age more directly through the strenuous toils of life than by the number of his years, being yet only sixty-four; but he was ripe in experience, in judgment, and in good deeds. He has served at intervals on the Police Jury and School Board of the Parish since 1876.

We deplore the loss we, and the work have sustained, we sympathize with his family, and his many relatives and friends, and entreat all to emulate the high standard of life he has lived.

Resolved further, that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of, the Police Jury, a copy furnished his widow, a copy furnished each of the papers in the Parish with request to the Official journal to publish.

Edwin Orr, President

L. S. Zeigler

B. F. McBride

W. L. Dickerson

G. W. Hearn

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