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April 26, 1821  -  March 6, 1865

Benjamin Lucas Stovall was born April 26, 1821 in Jefferson Co., AL to Benjamin and Sarah E. Stovall. He was the 4th of 9 children.  He married Elizabeth Warren in St. Claire Co., AL on July 27, 1843 where they made their home.  They had the first of 12 children in 1844.  Between 1849 and 1851, Ben with his young pioneer family along with the families of several of his siblings loaded their wagons and headed west.

They settled in Winn Parish, not far from the location of Transport Cemetery in an area that would be known as Stovall, LA.  They considered it the "Land of Milk & Honey".  There was adequate water supply, plenty of game to hunt, timber for building, and rich fertile soil for farming and raising livestock.

His level of education is unknown but he was well read and considered a highly intelligent man.  He believed in educating his children and was an active member of the Methodist Church.

For 10 years he made Winn Parish his home. He helped found a school, a church, a cemetery and was an asset to the pioneer community. He farmed and started a mercantile business with his oldest sons. Although Winn Parish voted against succession, like most Winn Parish men he answered the call to arms and joined the Confederate Army.  He enlisted in Captain Bickham's Company (Caddo Militia) on April 12, 1863.  He was sent home ill from some epidemic going through the Camp.  Once recovered, he left home once more to join his Company.  In route he was involved in an accident with his horse. It is unknown whether he was kicked, overrun or thrown but he suffered broken bones and other internal injuries he never recovered from.

He left behind, his wife Elizabeth Warren, and the following children in order of age:

1.  Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" Stovall who later that year became the wife of Thomas J Anders.

2.   George Samuel Stovall, who later married Sarah Maddox "Sally" Pyburn and at the time of his Father's death was enlisted in Co E of the LA 28th Regiment of the Confederate Army as a Private.

3.   Margaret Jane Stovall, who later became the wife of William Minor Anders.

4.    Nancy Ann Stovall, who later married William "Will" Walker.

5.    Amanda Catherine "Cat" Stovall, who later married Andrew Jackson Pyburn.

6.    Jeremiah Jackson "Bud" Stovall, who later became the husband of Margaret Laura "Maggie" Williamson.

7.    William Franklin "Will" Stovall, who later married Emmerrette Alvinia Chambless.

8.     Bathsheba "Bashie" Stovall, who later became the wife of Edward Byrd Pullen.

9.     Mary Arabella Stovall, who died at age 15 in 1874.

10.   Frances Marian "Fanny" Stovall, who later married Ezeriah Walker.

11.    John Wesley Stovall, died in 1867 at the age of 3.

Benjamin Lucas Stovall, Jr. predeceased him and died at the age of 9 months in 1863.

Benjamin and Elizabeth's children and grandchildren went on to become renowned Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Lawyers, Judges, Athletes, Educators, Clergymen, Public Service, Military and many different professional fields of the highest caliber.

Benjamin, Elizabeth and all their children, with the exception of "Cat" are buried at Transport.

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